I am an Animator and Technical Director with over 15 years of industry experience in video games and film.  Below you’ll find access to my resume and latest demo reel.  Please contact me at addison (at) addisondebolt.com for any questions or additional information.

Demo Reel


Download PDF

Addison DeBolt

(415) 299-7004
addison (at) addisondebolt.com

Animator: animation, rigging, technical directing, scripting, some modelin
Film: animated films, business documentaries, promotional & corporate videos
Cinematography: camera, lighting, special effects, editing
Leadership: mentoring & supporting peers when using proprietary animation pipelines
Creative Support: artistic and technical guidance for producers, designers, and engineers

Game Titles

Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare: Senior Animator/Senior Technical Animator, PS4/XBOne/PC (Activision)
Call of Duty – Ghosts: Senior Animator, PS3/PS4/360/XBOne/PC (Activision)
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3: Senior Animator, PS3/360/PC (Activision)
Dead Space: Animator, PS3/360/PC (Electronic Arts)
Dead Space 2: Animator (uncredited), PS3/360/PC (Visceral Games)
Godfather 2: Animator, PS3/360 (Electronic Arts)
Lord of the Rings – The White Counsel (unreleased): Lead Animator, PS3/360/PC (Electronic Arts)
James Bond – From Russia with Love: Cinematic Animator, Xbox/PS2 (Electronic Arts)
Sims 2: Animator, PS2 (Maxis/Electronic Arts)

Animation Experience

Senior Animator: 3 shipped titles from Activision/Sledgehammer Games
Animator: 4 shipped titles from Electronic Arts / Visceral Games
Animator: 1 shipped title from Maxis Studios
Lead Animator: independent film “Reflections in a Mirror”; animation + live action
Lead Animator: art film “Double Zero”
Animator: “Service in Action” film
Animator: promotional films for Deloitte Consulting

Technical Directing

Senior Technical Animator: Activision / Infinity Ward
Technical Director: independent art film, “Double Zero”
Assistant Director: animated short, “Blue on Blue”
Technical Director/Instructor: “Summer Arts”, sponsored by California State University
Technical Director: various corporate & promotional projects for Deloitte Consulting

Film Directing and Editing

Director, Editor, lighting, & camera: “Think Tank Films” with Deloitte marketing leaders

Employment History

Infinity Ward / Activision  2013-present

Senior Animator
Created animations  (keyframe and motion capture) for cinematics, AI and weapons. Used proprietary state machine tools to link AI motions and build state trees. Created, scripted and integrated all animations for game-ready use.

Senior Technical Animator
Designed and developed the Maya animation tools pipeline. Created custom MEL and Python scripts for animation pipeline that gave animators the flexibility to adjust mocap and keyframe animation. Audited base animation rigs; worked closely with rigging staff to optimize performance. Rigged weapons & vehicles; tested & reviewed all new Maya and Motion Builder updates. Collaborated with Autodesk to fix bugs & add features to future product releases.

Sledgehammer Games Studio / Activision  2009-2013

Senior Animator
Member of the core team that initially created a brand new IP for the Call of Duty franchise, and then went on to co-develop Modern Warfare 3, one of the most successful video games of all time.

Tasked with rapidly learning the proprietary runtime tools of the IW6 Engine and innovating some of the most challenging gameplay scenarios.  Produced some of the most memorable cinematic moments in the game, including the intro to Manhattan and finale at the end of the game.

Electronic Arts (now Visceral Games) 2005-2009

Lead Animator and Animator
Produced high-quality character and object animations, plus cinematic and scripted sequences. Worked with directors, designers, producers, and engineers to develop unique boss characters and in-game mechanics for the following titles: Dead Space, Dead Space 2 (uncredited), Godfather 2, Lord of the Rings – The White Counsel (unreleased)

Produced character animations for pre-rendered and in-game cinematics for the following titles: The Simpsons – The Game, James Bond – From Russia with Love.

Deloitte Consulting  2001-2005

Director, Animator, Editor
Created and documented the firm’s new digital film production guidelines. Developed business documentaries and films for partner events; provided creative support to local partners and global marketing leaders.

Multi-Media Designer
Supported clients and consultants with modern, innovative designs for web sites, interactive learning media, client presentations, and promotional material. Received a Clio Award for creative work on “Bullfighter” application.

Digital Film Technology Support
Selected equipment for new production studio; provided training to editors and Hollywood directors about non-linear editing and special effects techniques.



Maya, Motion Builder, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max
Radiant and level-building tools
Runtime tools from Crytech, EA and Infinity Ward
Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign
Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
Photoshop, Illustrator
Perforce, DevTrack, JIRA


IW GSC (proprietary game scripting)


Bachelor of Science, Digital Imaging and Animation: California State University, Chico
Recipient of Rawlins Merit Award


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